House Blend Coffee

Our house blend is the same across all of our stores and is a lustrous blend by ONA which cups beautifully as a milk based coffee and well bodied, smooth and balanced as a black coffee.

Single Origin Coffee

We rotate our single origins to keep things interesting and as new and fresh coffee arrives we cannot wait to get it into your cups. Each shop will let you know what they are currently running as their single origin and what the preferred brewing method is, just ask our friendly Baristas.

Filter Coffee

If you are feeling like drinking something a little bit different, filter coffee may be the experience for you. Depending on what coffee we currently have in store we have an Aeropress or Pourover method for extraction. Filter coffee provides the drinker with a fragrant black coffee which cups a lot lighter than espresso and is roasted and brewed to highlight the frutiness, acidity and growing process of the individual coffee.

Again, ask our Baristas on what coffee we currently have and what the preffered extraction method is. We also brew Cold Drip with our filter coffee for something different again.

Espresso Room & Project Origin

Project Origin never sources any beans that cup less than 83 points. A coffee’s point score is determined by an international panel of coffee judges that travel the world scoring farmer’s coffee which then allows the farmer to charge a higher premium for higher quality coffee. Anything less than 80 points is not considered specialty coffee and is not considered good enough for our customer’s refined palates.